Six churches and Bethel

Six (territorial) churches and the v. Bodelschwingh Foundations Bethel are the German members of the United Evangelical Mission.



Angelika Veddeler
Executive Secretary German Region
Rudolfstrasse 137
Wuppertal , 42285 Germany
+49 (0)202 89004-157
Stephan Köppen
Officer for networks & programs (substituting Sarah Vecera in parental leave)
Lena Wallraff
responsible for partnerships in Germany
+49 (0)202 89004-153
Julian Elf
Officer for school partnerships
Rudolfstr. 137
Wuppertal , 42285 Germany
+49 (0)202 89004-159
Kerstin Weber
Administrative Assistant
+49 (0)202-89004-158
Petra Franken
Administrative Assistant
+49(0)202 89004-174

UEM in Germany

The membership of the German UEM members is coordinated by the department of the German Region, which supports encounters and cooperation between congregations, church circuits, regional churches and their institutions in all UEM member churches. Partnerships are of main importance. The German region assists them through trainings and networking and by supporting the preparation and evaluation of delegation travels and visiting programmes.

Networks of competence

The German region offers its members knowledge and experiences concerning the current situation in the member churches in Africa and Asia - not only regarding the churches themselves, but also regarding the political, economical, cultural and social situation of the countries. We also have special knowledge about topics like Mission, Oikumene, development, human rights or HIV/Aids. We are happy to share our knowledge, e.g. in seminars in our Centre for Mission and Diakonia or in our Centre for Mission and Leadership Studies. 

Missionary work

Alle our member churches face great challenges when it comes to mission work. We can contribute impulses from our african and asian member churches. We help our German members with their work for justice, peace and the integrity of Creation. For this reason we are activly engaged in lobby and advocacy work and are active members in different networks on an national and international level.


We are in close cooperation with the respective departments, teams or contact persons in our German member churches:

Our German members

v. Bodelschwingh Foundations Bethel (vBS)

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