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Many Churches, one Communion

The United Evangelical Mission (UEM) is an international and equitable communion with 39 members, including 38 Protestant churches in Africa, Asia, and Germany, plus the v. Bodelschwingh Foundations Bethel.
The UEM is steadfast in its pursuit of a holistic understanding of mission.

United in Mission:

We live in a world torn apart. Some live in abundance, others have fewer rights and not enough to live on. People become isolated, relationships and community are lost, and the social and natural foundations of our lives are increasingly destroyed.

Knowing that we are all members of the body of Christ, we follow his example and invite people into a learning, serving and praying communion across continents and cultures. In following him, we work for a more just, peaceful world, the integrity of creation, and the sharing of the Gospel so that all people may enjoy life in abundance.

We translate this belief into the following 5 areas of work:

  • Advocacy


    We believe that all human beings are created in the image of God and therefore possess inalienable dignity and rights. Therefore

    •    we stand up for human rights

    •    we support initiatives for the peaceful resolution of conflicts

    •    we make joint efforts to achieve just economic conditions and good governance

    •    we are committed to the protection of the environment

  • Diakonia

    We testify that all people are created in the image of God. That is why

    • we maintain grassroots networks to fight HIV and AIDS and to care for orphans, widows and those infected with HIV

    • we work to improve the living conditions of people, especially those with disabilities.

    • strive to improve health care and promote physical and mental health for all people

    • we support churches in their efforts to help people in need, whether through man-made or natural disasters.

  • Development

    We are convinced that God's love always empowers and strengthens people. That's why

    •  we support programs that empower men, women and young people to become self-reliant

    •  we conduct educational programs

    •  we offer scholarships for professional development to help our member churches improve the skills of their employees

    •  we contribute to overcoming poverty in all its forms.

  • Evangelism

    We believe that through the gospel God's power of redemption and renewal is at work. Therefore

    • we strengthen one another in our spiritual life and develop and promote evangelistic projects to share the Word of God with all people and invite them to trust in Christ

    • we promote common programs

    • promote theological exchange

    • encourage and support our members to learn from each other how Christians can respectfully encounter people of other faiths.

  • Partnership Work

    We see ourselves as members of the one body of Christ. Therefore

    • we encourage and support various forms of partnership among our members, based on respect, reciprocity and transparency

    • we facilitate reciprocal visits between volunteers and professionals

    • we build partnership networks to enable and strengthen multilateral relationships.

Here you will find UEM and its members

What "United in Mission" means to us?

The UEM in its present form emerged from the work of the Rhenish Mission, the Bethel Mission and the Zaire Mission. Our 39 members today are Protestant churches in AfricaAsia and Germany and the von Bodelschwingh Foundations Bethel, which have been working together on an equal footing since 1996.  All members from Africa, Asia and Germany have the same rights when it comes to financial and political decisions within the organization. The expression of this equality is the Council, which is composed on the basis of parity, and the General Assembly of the UEM, which is composed according to the delegate principle and in which our African and Asian members form the majority.

Our Christian mission in our three regions of Africa, Asia, and Germany is also reflected in our logo. More information about us you will find in our annual report 2022.


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