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For us, transparency is a commitment

As a donor and supporter, you make an important contribution to the projects and programmes of our communion of churches. Your trust in our work is therefore very important to us. 

We have joined the TRANSPARENCY INTERNATIONAL Deutschland e.V.,a global network leading the fight against corruption including more than 100 established national chapters. One of its principles is: Transparency creates trust!

We therefore follow the voluntary commitment of the initiative. Here you will find 10 points of information about the origin of our funds, how we use them and how our organisational structure is set up.

1. Name, Adress and the year of foundation

Vereinte Evangelische Mission

Altrechtlicher Verein

Rudolfstraße 137

42285 Wuppertal

Contact Person: Timo Pauler, Executive Secretary Finance & Administration, Deputy General Secretary,

Year of foundation: 1820

In 1996, the United Evangelical Mission adopted a new constitution and thus founded the United Evangelical Mission, more on our history:

25 Years United Evangelical Mission

2. Complete constitution and details of the organisation's objectives


Who we are

3. Information on tax status

The VEM is recognised as a non-profit organisation. Our association registration number is in the register of associations of the Düsseldorf administrative district.

Current notice of tax exemption

It is confirmed that the donation will only be used to promote aid for the purposes set out in the statutes (§ 52 para. 2 sentence 1 no. 10 AO).

All donations are tax deductible up to 20 percent of the total amount of your income according to §10b Abs. 1 EStG as donations for the promotion of tax-privileged purposes in the sense of §§ 52 to 54 of the tax code.

5. Report of Activities

Anual Report 2022

6. Structure of Human Ressources

Annual Report, page 10

In 2022, the following co-workers were employed by the United Evangelical Mission:

67 co-workers in the Dar es Salaam, Pematangsiantar and Wuppertal offices, including 25 part-time and 42 full-time staff.
27 volunteers within the framework of the VEM volunteer programme, North-South, South-South, South-North
26 co-workers under the personal exchange programme North-South, South-South, South-North
120 volunteers

7. Information on the Origin of Funds

Annual Report, page 43

8. Information on the Use of Funds

Annual Report, page 44

9. Corporate legal Relationships with Partners

Cooperations, alliances, relationship


10. Names of Persons whose annual Donations Amount to more than 10% of the total annual Budget

There are no persons who have donated such large sums to the United Evangelical Mission.

The Annual Report 2022

Once a year we publish our annual report and provide a detailed overview of our projects and programmes.



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