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Electricity from your own roof

The UEM will soon be receiving electricity from its own roof. © Photo: Ramona Hedtmann / UEM

The Mission House of the United Evangelical Mission in Rudolfstrasse is receiving a photovoltaic system in these days. On a 150 square meter area on the roof, 90 solar modules will be installed. "This is a further contribution to climate protection," says Timo Pauler, Executive Secretary for Finance and Administration of the UEM. "After ten years, the plant will have saved the construction costs. We expect the plant to have a service life of 20 years".

The UEM is thus taking a further step towards climate neutrality at the Wuppertal location. The solar cells ideally complement the already existing block-type thermal power station. During the sunny months, the photovoltaic system will generate electricity for the Mission House in the future. Together with the block-type thermal power station, which provides warm offices and electricity in the mission house during the winter months, the UEM is thus independent of rising electricity prices. The photovoltaic system will go into operation in just under four weeks.

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