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The Ketua Moderamen of the Karo Batak Protestant Church Agustinus Purba is dead

Agustinus Purba, the Ketua Moderamen (the Chairman of the Synod) of the Karo Batak Protestant Church (GBKP) died on 19 November 2020 due to a corona infection; Photo: Martina Pauly / UEM

Now the 54-year-old has died in Medan as a result of a corona infection.

Agustinus Purba holds a Bachelor's degree in theology (1991) and was a graduate of the first course of the International Master's Degree in Diaconal Management (IMADM; 2011-2012). In his then position as head of the "Social Services" department, he distinguished himself as a crisis manager after the eruption of the Sinabung volcano, and was subsequently elected moderator of the church. He has always emphasised that in this course of study he has acquired the skills necessary for his career and tasks.

The former UEM scholarship holder received the "Humanitarian Affairs Award" (Reksa Utama Anindha) for outstanding contributions to humanitarian work in disaster management.

Just last Tuesday (10 November) he reported on the effects of the Covid 19 pandemic in Asia and in his church at the virtual UEM international alumni meeting. He apologised for the second day of the conference (Wednesday), saying that he had sought medical treatment for breathing problems.

Since his death, condolences have continuously been received through the international network from all over the world. The network now includes over 50 graduates* of the International Master's Programme in Diaconal Management (IMADM) from almost all member churches.

The UEM mourns the loss of a committed church leader, who was also actively involved in the development of our organisation with his expertise and heart, most recently in the 'UEM Sunday' and 'United Action' projects in October.


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