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"The UEM is a family that works together in solidarity and prays for each other".

UEM General Secretary Volker Martin Dally and Dr Msafiri Mbilu, Bishop of the North- Eastern Diocese of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania; © Photo: John Wesley Kabango / UEM

Another stop on the General Secretary's current Tanzania trip is a visit to the North Eastern Diocese of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania. Intensive working meetings took place there with the bishop of the church, Dr Msafiri Mbilu. Together they visited the Lutindi Mental Health Centre in the Usambara Mountains. Mentally ill people have been cared for and treated here for over 100 years. The patients come not only from Tanzania, but also from neighbouring countries, especially Kenya and Mozambique. The Lutindi Hospital and the UEM have a long history together through the former Bethel Mission. The UEM delegation was given a tour of the facility and was able to see for themselves the work and activities of the patients. The following day, two church services were celebrated in Lushoto. The work of the church was supported through collections and fundraising activities as well as through the performance of children's, youth and adult choirs.

The UEM thanks all members of the North-Eastern Diocese for their openness and willingness to help improve the situation. "The UEM is a family that works together in solidarity, prays for each other, strengthens each other and bears each other's burdens," concluded Rev. Volker Martin Dally in his sermon.

The UEM delegation will travel on from Lushoto to Moshi and Arusha. There, further talks are planned with church leaders and institutions that cooperate with the UEM.


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