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Gesture of solidarity and love for one' s neighbour

In front of the destroyed bridge in Insul, Joana Kunz, Marion Unger, Dr Karin Althaus-Grewe and Andrea Hügle (from left) handed over a donation from Rwanda to Pastor Holger Banse. © Photo: Marion Unger

The Protestant Christians in the congregations of the Presbytery Rubengera have collected around 1,900 euros for the congregations affected by the flood disaster on the Ahr river. Representatives of the Synodal Committee Rwanda (SFR) presented the symbolic cheque to Pastor Holger Banse. The donation is intended for the parish of Adenau.

This is a lot of money for our partners in Rwanda, said SFR Chairperson Andrea Hügle. Because of the Corona pandemic, the situation of the people there is still threatening. Nevertheless, they collected for the communities on the Ahr - a great sign of solidarity. The believers of the Adenau parish had not expected a donation from Rwanda. The joy was all the greater.  

Since 1991, the church district of "An Nahe und Glan" has had a lively partnership with the Rubengera synodal region in Rwanda.

Source: Press release "Evangelischer Kirchenkreis an Nahe und Glan"




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