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United against Covid-19:

The Protestant Church in Cameroon ensures that water containers, soap and disinfectants are provided at schools - many of the pupils come from poor backgrounds.

In radio broadcasts, the church leader explains the dangers of the Corona pandemic. (Photos: EEC)

As in many other countries in Africa, the people of Cameroon also suffer from Covid-19 pandemic. During the last three months, the number of infected people has risen from 2 to 6,000. The battle against the coronavirus is still far from over. After a lockdown lasting weeks, the government is now introducing the first relaxation measures. This leads many people to believe that there is no virus or that the battle is already won.

The UEM supports its member church "Eglise Evangélique du Caméroun" (EEC, Evangelical Church of Cameroon) with 45,000 euros in their fight against Covid-19. A small part of the fund was used to buy about 10,000 facemasks. These masks can be washed up to 5 times and are provided to people in the congregations who cannot afford them. The price for masks is about 2 euros, impossible for the local population. 

Many poor congregations and parishes with more than 2,000 members received water containers (1,000 liters) to improve the access to clean water. They also received soap, hand sanitizers and food for those in need.  The pastors and church employees are also heavily affected by the crisis themselves. They did not receive their salaries for weeks because no services could take place and the congregations lack the offerings which are necessary to pay the salaries. Widows and retired pastors are receiving food and non-food support.

The majority of the received amount is used to raise awareness of the Covid-19 pandemic. The EEC has effectively and successfully launched its campaign plan and is currently using flyers and radio transmissions to sensitize people for the corona pandemic. Radio transmissions are distributed by the radio station near the Ndoungue Faculty of Theology, who also attended a second ceremony by the EEC and are now distributing flyers to their students to raise self-awareness.

“The EEC would like to express their heartfelt appreciation to the United Evangelical Mission and her donors for having launched the Corona campaign and provided this important support to churches. This appreciation has been highly shared by beneficiaries who officially expressed it during the donation ceremonies and even afterwards”, shares the EEC President, the Rev. Prof. Dr. Jean-Samuel Hendje Toya.

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