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International Mime Art Workshop

18.11. – 28.11.2024
Cebu, Philippines

International Mime Art Workshop on the topic: “The Beam in our Eye – Discrimination in the Church and Diakonia”

Part 1: 18 – 28 November 2024, Philippines, Cebu

Practiced over generations, pantomime has developed into a valuable communication medium between languages ​​and cultures: because it does not use words, it is immediately understandable in all cultures. This involves portraying a story using posture, facial expressions and gestures. Pantomime has been used in bilateral partnership work for several years for building relationships and developing respect for people with different backgrounds and abilities. The previous bilateral pantomime work is now being expanded internationally together with “Mime Art for Life e.V.”.

Under the theme “The Beam in Our Eye – Discrimination in Church and Diakonia”, three international partnership workshops will take place from 2024 to 2026, in which participants will learn pantomime and express experiences of discrimination without words and bring them on stage together. The international pantomime workshops promote empathy and respect for other people and are intended to contribute to inclusion and integration in our societies. As part of the three-year partnership project, the participants will be able to lead pantomime independently so that they can use these skills for their own educational work as multipliers. The project will take place over three years in Asia, Africa and Germany and will bring together interested parties from all three regions.

The application deadline is June 18, 2024!

Please send your application (letter of recommendation from the church and letter of motivation) to:

For the German Region: Ms. Kristina Neubauer: 

For the African Region: Rev. Ernest Kadiva: 

For the Asian Region: 


IBAN: DE45 3506 0190 0009 0909 08