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  • Mission goes on.


The VEM is a living community. It has evolved from a classical missionary work to what it is today: an equal community in which all support each other.

We know what moves our members and where their needs lie. A great strength lies in the fact that it is no longer decided in Germany what people in the South need. Our partners in Africa and Asia are just as involved in deciding which projects to support in Germany as vice versa.

This successful work needs encouragement and support. Financial and efficient. So that mission goes on.

  • Please support the common work in prayer and become part of the mission.
  • Your donations secure the ongoing projects.
  • Donations create a solid foundation for the future.
  • Inheritances and legacies secure the mission in the long run.

How you can make a contribution:

  1. Through donations: Every donation counts. Every donation, no matter how high!
  2. By donating: With our foundation your contribution will be beneficial in the long run.
  3. By inheritance: If your family situation allows it, you can use the VEM in your will as a total or partial heir.
  4. Through prayer: Make mission a matter of your heart!



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