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Mission Lecture 2024

"Breaking Barrieres -  The Evolution of Women’s roles in the Postcolonial Era“

This is the topic of the Mission Lecture 2024 organised by United Evangelical Mission, in which we invite you to lectures and discussions on relevant topics from church and society. 

This event looks at the social upheavals in the process of decolonisation, in particular the role of women in reshaping social norms and striving for equality. It will uncover untold stories, analyse challenges and celebrate successes that pave the way to gender equality - a discussion that spans different continents and diverse experiences of women worldwide.

Speakers are:

Dr. Oinike Harefa, Pastor of the Christian Protestant Church on Nias Island (BNKP)
Rev. Julie Kandema, Vize-President of the Presbyterian Church in Rwanda (EPR)
Thea Hummel, Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator of United Evangelical Mission

"This guest lecture sheds light on the profound changes in society after the end of the colonial era. From resistance and empowerment to the quest for equality, we explore the multi-layered narratives of struggle, triumph and the quest for equality as nations and churches gain autonomy. Women play a crucial role in this transformation, challenging established norms and redefining their role in society.

Join us as we uncover untold stories, analyse challenges and celebrate the successes that have already been achieved on the road to gender equality - and those that lie ahead. From grassroots to political arenas, our discussions will span continents and offer insights into the diverse experiences of women from around the world."

You are invited!


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