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International Recruitment of Nursing Professionals in Diakonia

Experience - Analysis – Responsibility

The demand for qualified nursing staff in the globalized nursing sector is growing and is increasingly leading to the recruitment of nurses from non-European countries. This poses ethical and practical challenges for those responsible for recruitment processes.

The publication "International Recruitment of Nursing Professionals in Diakonia: Experience - Analysis - Responsibility" does not offer simple answers or quick solutions. Instead, the editors, Matthias Börner, Rhoda Lynn Gregorio, and Damian Ostermann, present the numerous areas of tension, ethical considerations, and global implications in all their ambivalence.

Rhoda Lynn Gregorio, International Diakonia Coordinator of the UEM: "Our goal with this book is to initiate an ongoing discourse on ethical standards in the international recruitment of nursing staff  and, in doing so, to contribute one of the central core competencies of the UEM, a fellowship of churches: an interculturally reflected perspective!"

The video on the book with comments from experts in the field of nursing staff recruitment and the editors, on Youtube.

About the content:

Beginning with a detailed analysis of the conditions for the recruitment of nursing professionals from the Philippines, the book examines both German and country-of-origin perspectives. The collaging of different perspectives illustrates the multi-faceted nature international recruitment. Both, the hopes and dreams of migrant workers and the challenges and ethical dilemmas of recruiting organizations are addressed. The diversity of voices that have their say in this book is remarkable. Field reports, interviews, and reflections from nursing professionals, experts, institutions and organizations provide a vivid understanding of the issue.

In addition to nursing professionals and decision makers in the health sector, the book also addresses those who bear global social responsibility. It not only encourages to reflect but to participate in the much-needed debate about the future of nursing work and the ethical challenges in a global context.

The publication is published by LIT-Verlag (ISBN 978-3-643-15366-1, paperback binding) and is available at a price of 34.90 euros in specialized shops or as a PDF free of charge for download.

The press release for the book launch on 24.08.2023 can be found here.



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